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Historical Piran


Piran is the jewel of the 50 km stretch of the Slovenian coast. The old port town with remnants of a medieval wall is protected as a cultural and historical monument. Narrow

streets with closely constructed houses descending from the hill and its church to the central square on the coast only emphasise its Mediterranean character. Walking

through the narrow streets of Piran will bring you back in time. Enchanting, appealing and with an old historical vibe is the perfect place to spend the day discovering the mysteries it has to offer.

KRKA company


Slovenia has a highly developed pharmaceutical industry and in the science excursion to the Slovenian generic pharmaceutical company KRKA you will have a great possibility to get a closer look in how the production of medicine happens in such a big company. An interactive visit to KRKA will consist of a lecture, presentation of the company and guided tour.


Postojna cave


Slovenia has a truly magical underground world. The interplay between rock and water created a fairytale-like world, which welcomes all admirers of nature and seekers of beauty. In Slovenia, water has carved more than 11000 subterranean caves, the most

magnificent of which is Postojna Cave. It is a thousand of years of nature’s creation and a subterranean paradies abundant with cave formations. A train on the oldest

cave railway in the world will take you among the stalagmites and stalactites of Postojna Cave and will create an unforgettable experience for everyone attending the Summer University in Slovenia.

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