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Portorož, Slovenia



Our event

We wanted to make a site, that would help you acquire all the necessary information. 

You can find all the details about the location, accommodation, transportation, registrations and educational programme in the section 


21st EPSA Summer University 2019 will be organized under the auspices of University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Pharmacy.

Educational programme

The topic of the 21st EPSA Summer University 2019 is “Joining forces with other professionals for better healthcare” with which we would like to emphasize the importance of interprofessional collaboration and education.  

In delivering healthcare, an effective interprofessional education can immediately and positively affect patient safety and treatment outcome. In the context of a complex healthcare system, an effective teamwork is essential for patient safety as it minimizes adverse events caused by miscommunication with others caring for the patient, and misunderstandings of roles and responsibilities.

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